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Meet allocraft

Your personal Investment Manager

  • allocraft harnesses the power of technology to invest your portfolio on your terms.
  • allocraft custom tailors your investments to your personal values and objectives.
  • allocraft merges the advantages of professional money management with the convenience and availability of our digital platform.
What is allocraft?

allocraft is a secure investment management platform that empowers you to invest in professionally designed portfolios tailored to your goals and objectives. If you elect to move forward, you will enter our AI portal that will present you with various scenarios designed to help us understand your level of experience with investing, your goals, and how we can best achieve them.

We founded our investment management business in 1978. We have over forty years of experience serving clients just like you. We built allocraft to leverage our technology and expertise to deliver professionally crafted portfolios in an easy to master, cost-effective, and responsible manner.

How does it work?

Upon completion of a questionnaire designed to understand your objectives, you will be presented with a model portfolio optimized to meet you goals. This portfolio is designed and continually updated by our investment committee along with our consultants at BlackRock. If you elect to proceed, you will open an investment account at our preferred custodian Fidelity Investments.

Is there a minimum account size?

While there is no actual minimum, our portfolios use many different investments to maximize return potential and diversify risk. The practical minimum to fully allocate your portfolio is around $10,000. If you have less than that to invest, we are happy to recommend a few options for Global Allocation Mutual Funds.

How do I get started?

There are a couple of easy steps:

  1. Finish going through this site. There is lots of useful information here on responsible investing. If you still have questions or prefer to speak to an advisor before proceeding, use the title bar’s link to schedule a call.
  2. Second –

I Believe...


…my investments should reflect my personal values.

I Believe...


…diversifying my investments reduces my risk and enhances my return.

I Believe...


…investing for my future shouldn’t be hard! Show me a way to invest that is fun and easy.

I Believe...


…that professionally managed portfolios must be affordable and any fees should be transparent. 

I Believe...


…I should be an investor, not a speculator. I am entitled to a reasonable return, commensurate with balanced risk.

I Believe...


…we should have access to an objective advisor who has our best interests at heart.

Invest in YOU

allocraft empowers you to quickly get up and running with a low-cost professionaly designed investment portfolio. Fully transperent and activly managed to your specifications. Assett allocations crafted to your advantage. allocraft makes responsible investing simple.


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